It's Lower Body Day

FXB Isnt Just Another Gym in West Des Moines

The phrase “dropping by the gym” in West Des Moines has become normal in this day and age. It describes a straightforward picture: Gyms are a great spot to exercise. And if you have previous fitness knowledge, you will monitor your unique fitness and nutrition objectives.

Irregardless if it’s been several months since you embraced a health program—for you were exercising at your local health club before daybreak—you’ve probably went through the typical gym experience. As a result of some months of working out at the health club, you may begin to see some identifiable faces and start talking to several of them.

But what do you call a business where you experience an outstanding (and fun!) training every time you walk in the door? A fitness center where a coach supports you through your plans and accountability method?

What do you call an establishment that’s packed with encouraging friends who recall who you are, your goals, and help keep you responsible when you need it?

We call it Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping. The workouts aren’t intense, but the outcome is.

Over and Above Just a Fitness Center

FXB isn’t just a gym or fitness center. It’s more than that.

Our workers assist everyone every day, creating a positive culture that is undeniable. Fitness center members regularly use the words ”fellowship” and ”kindred spirits” to describe Farrell's West Des Moines.

When you step inside, you don’t just swipe a membership card as you enter the building. Your outgoing head coaches greet you by name each day.

All together, you and your class companions—an awesome reward of group fitness classes—get ready for your training session. And during your muscle-building strength training, and your fat-burning kickboxing classes, you are reinvigorated by your qualified instructor. Now that’s what we deem a Level 10 workout!

Farrell's is For Every Person

Starting at FXB is simple. Regardless if you come by Farrell's West Des Moines for a free week of fitness training or plan to enroll in our 10-Week Challenge, we inspire you to achieve your health and wellness objectives.

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